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  • Breath life into Pam

    Dear God,
    Please be with our family tonight as we pray for Pam. Although body is in a coma Lord , her spirit is alive. Please breath life into Pam tonight God. She has enjoyed the daily messages sent to her by you and still has work to be done here on earth. Breath life into her so she can grow closer to you dear Jesus. May the Doctors be granted the wisdom to help her heal. May the family come to realize that you are the miracle worker that breaths life into us each of us. It is by tour Grace and Mercy that we are given life Father. May your will be done.

  • Aubrey Pace

    Ask for prayers for Aubrey Pace a family friend who is a lineman for Dominion. He was badly injured while working on high power lines today and is at MCV.
    May God watch over him and his family.

    Henry Boonest

  • Aubrey Pace

    Ask for prayers for Aubrey Pace a family friend who is a lineman for Dominion. He was badly injured while working on high power lines today and is at MCV.
    May God watch over him and his family.

    Henry Boonest

  • Pray for my mother-in-law

    My mother-in-law, Ruth, had a liver biopsy today. The results are expected within a week. Please pray for her during this time and for her health as it has been declining significantly over the past two years.

  • Surgery

    Last Thursday my husband underwent a surgery to remove 1/3 of his: colon. So far it has been miraculous it’s not cancer so far and the doctor said that was an over achiever I got to come home three days early I am so grateful

  • Mother-in-law Betty MacKenzie

    Prayers for comfort and peace
    Any of you that have college or early 20-something children know that you sometimes wake up to a text or message that grabs your attention and troubles your heart. My mother-in-law has had a series of strokes and seizures over the last year. My daughter Lucy had plans to see her grandmother today and at 0230 hr this morning texted me was expressing her grief about the decline of her grandmother. I’m asking that you pray with me as I give thanks for the life of Betty MacKenzie my mother-in-law and Grandmother to my children. Prayers of comfort for Betty, Mary my ex-wife and her sisters and all my nephews.
    Prayers for acceptance by my children of the Gospel
    For it is thru death that we have eternal life...
    Romans 14:8 “If we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord; so then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s.” - written to believers

  • Cancer

    Please pray for my friend Greg. He was admitted to St Mary's today and has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Until today he has had no symptoms or other known health issues. He and his family desperately need our prayers for God"s healing grace.

  • Pray for Wendy

    Please pray for Wendy who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. She had her second round of chemo on Jan 28th.

  • ovarian cancer

    Please lift up Emily and her family. Emily is on the music team at Atlee Church and her mom is battling Ovarian Cancer. They are meeting today to discuss Hospice Care. Please lift her and her family up during these trying times.

  • Prayer needs

    For those that remember me, your group had a BIG impact on me while going through a very hard health issue. Well I have continued to battle cancer and it’s effects of all the chemo and radiation. Please for me tho Thursday the 31st as I am going to have major surgery in the main operation room at Univ. of Tenn. medical center in Knoxville TN. They have said because of so much radiation and other treatments my teeth are all become very brittle and breaking off. Because of that and my health they now have to remove All of my teeth and m get dentures (can’t go implant route because of my cancer). Pray for quick and pain free recovery and as I get used to eating with them and talking. Please pray for some other issues going on related to all this too that we need to work out.

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  • Mick Fischer said...

    After my right led amputation, I am now walking and will be there on Friday! I had the surgery just six weeks ago...
    Praise the LORD!!!

  • David Garrett said...

    Prayer of praise for us being able to live in such a great nation. With great privilege come great responsibility. Lift up our leaders at all levels of government.

  • Tom Chapman said...

    I would like to extend a huge thank you to all of my Man Church family for the prayers that helped me through my gallbladder surgery this weekend. What a powerful thing it is to have so many praying for you. All went well and I should be going home today. Bless you all. God is Great!

  • Herb Hentzen said...

    Last week on Nov 10th at Manchurch I asked for prayers for Elaine, a fellow John Maxwell Team member who I mentor. Elaine lives in France and has been in a difficult season in her marriage. When she came back home this past week her husband was a different person. She felt as if a miracle had happened. She thanks everyone for their prayers.

  • Geoff Chestnut said...

    I want to thank God for a phone call that I received from my middle sister, LD, a few days ago. We had not spoken in several years due to some perceived wrong that I had committed. I sent her a birthday card in late September and then she called me to wish me a happy birthday. It seems to be the first step in reconciliation and I hope that our family can begin to heal.