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    will be going into Henrico Drs Forest on Friday morning as a outpatient to have a DC Cardioversion ( which is a shock to the heart) done to correct his Afib. Dave was also just diagnosed with sleep apnea. His medical issues now includes: hypertebsion, congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, diabetes, degenerative joint disease plus a recent stroke.

  • For Small Business and their workers

    I pray God will look after the small businesses and their workers during this unprecedented time. Layoffs will happen and impact folks dramatically through no fault of their own. Pray for their well-being, family strength, and health.

  • Prayer for direction and protection for the breakout presenters and me at a men's conference.

    Please lift up presenters in prayer for the Iron Sharpens Iron Conference in New York on Saturday March 14th. We will need prayer for direction and protection in talks we will give and lead at this men's conference. Thank you brothers.

  • Pray for Ruth

    Please pray for Ruth, my 87 year-old mother-in-law. She is having problems with fluid in her legs and recently is having problems eating.


    Prayers for our friend David who was admitted to the hospital last week with breathing difficulties

  • My Neice Bethany

    Bethany has a bacterial infection in her intestinal tract and is pregnant. Pray for wisdom for the doctors to treat her with the antibiotics that will kill the infection and will not harm the baby. She is high risk pregnancy and a type 1 diabetic. God is able!!!

  • Pray for Rocky and Leslie

    Pray for Rocky and Leslie as they have had quite a year, especially in the past few months.
    Leslie lost her Mom a few months back, and Rocky lost his Mom, and Leslie lost her Step Father .
    Both passed on the same day, the Friday after Thanksgiving.
    This has been a stressful and trying time for our friend, leader, and his faithful wife.

  • My dad

    Please pray for my dad (Joe McCann) because he just had a heart attack. He’s out of the hospital but there is damage to his heart. Thank you!

  • My dad

    Please pray for my dad (Joe McCann) because he just had a heart attack. He’s out of the hospital but there is damage to his heart. Thank you!

  • Pray for Baby Charlotte

    Baby Charlotte is 3 years old and is being diagnosed for a Pulmonary Hypertension. This was brought on a few months back when she picked up a RSV virus and was originally diagnosed with epilepsy by VCU MCV. They recently released her indicating the heart was ok , but mom could not rest and did her own research. They moved her to UVA Charlottesville where the #1 and #1 pulmonary docs are at and a heart catheter is being put it this morning. PRAY WARRIORS for the comfort of this sweet little girl, healing from Jesus imparting wisdom to the Docs and peace to the family.

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  • Mick Fischer said...

    After my right led amputation, I am now walking and will be there on Friday! I had the surgery just six weeks ago...
    Praise the LORD!!!

  • David Garrett said...

    Prayer of praise for us being able to live in such a great nation. With great privilege come great responsibility. Lift up our leaders at all levels of government.

  • Tom Chapman said...

    I would like to extend a huge thank you to all of my Man Church family for the prayers that helped me through my gallbladder surgery this weekend. What a powerful thing it is to have so many praying for you. All went well and I should be going home today. Bless you all. God is Great!

  • Herb Hentzen said...

    Last week on Nov 10th at Manchurch I asked for prayers for Elaine, a fellow John Maxwell Team member who I mentor. Elaine lives in France and has been in a difficult season in her marriage. When she came back home this past week her husband was a different person. She felt as if a miracle had happened. She thanks everyone for their prayers.

  • Geoff Chestnut said...

    I want to thank God for a phone call that I received from my middle sister, LD, a few days ago. We had not spoken in several years due to some perceived wrong that I had committed. I sent her a birthday card in late September and then she called me to wish me a happy birthday. It seems to be the first step in reconciliation and I hope that our family can begin to heal.