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  • Missy Jennings

    After 10 plus years of living w Parkinson’s, Missy has undergone two brain surgeries to install Deep Brain Stimulation. Both were successful and Friday is the day they activate the device. It is transformative. We moved to Northern Va and found the best DBS team in the country. They have the very best equipment and we could not have done this in Richmond.

    Pray that she gets the best result possible and can live her life normally for many years.

  • Prayers for comfort, healing & peace

    Asking for Prayers for my father-in-law Russell Crews and his wife Betty. Russell has Parkinson's and has been in the hospital for 2 weeks with Pneumonia. He's very weak and his outlook is not good. The hospital wants to move him to a nursing home where there is NO Visitation. It's like sending him off to die alone, it's Criminal. Betty is in a memory care facility with early stages of Alzheimers and is struggling with him not being there and her not being allowed to see him. My wife Cindy and her sister Christy have been rotating 24 hour stays with Russell in the hospital and staying with Betty at night. Need prayers for them as well during this difficult time.

  • urology procedures

    Tues, 9/8 I'm having 3 surgical procedures done at VA Uroligy to remove bladder stones, and laser one large stone in uretar.

  • Requested by my friend, Tim Bellows for his neighbors & their kids in Hanover involved in an ATV accident, Thanks, Chip


    This is an urgent prayer request. My best friend here in the neighborhood has 3 sons that were involved in a horrific accident last Wednesday and they need lots of prayer. The oldest is recovering at home now, but the 2 younger boys are still in ICU in critical condition. Please ask all of your prayer warrior friends to pray for this family. One of my prayer partners wrote the below prayer and I am praying it regularly and ask that you do as well.

    Father I stopped my day and want to pray for the Walz family.
    I urge and ask for those copied to send this to all prayer warriors, prayer teams, prayer networks.
    Psalm 83:18 “let them know that You, Whose Name is the Lord,
    That You alone are the Most High over all the earth.”
    Luke 18:27 “but He said, “the things that are impossible with men are possible with God.”
    Father we come to You on bended knee, hands towards the heavens;
    We ask forgiveness of our sins, we repent and confess our sins.
    Father we unite completely together to lift up Zander and Kristopher;
    We pray You calm the storm as in Mark 4:39 “peace be still” in their bodies forthwith.
    We pray You have begun the healing process, and we pray You allow the signs of
    Improvement to begin to show forthwith
    Father the parents, the family, the friends, the neighbors, the prayer warriors =
    Have all united and come to You on behalf of these 2 precious young boys,
    With all faith and trust in You.
    Father we stand on Your Word; we seek You to move forward with the healing of their bodies;
    There are mind boggling, extreme damage, extremely painful injuries to 8 and 10 year olds;
    We call on You for head to toe healing, restoration, and recovery in the Mighty Name of Jesus.
    We pray Your loving assurance upon Konrad and Irene;
    We pray You guide the hospital to find a way to allow cards or encouragement to be permitted,
    Without danger or harm to anyone.
    Believing and trusting in You and You alone,
    In the Mighty Powerful Holy Name of Jesus we pray

    Thank you!!
    Tim Bellows
    (804)798-1747 Ofc
    (717)580-1764 Mobile
    (888)763-7057 Fax

  • Heart Stroke

    Friend, David Hernandez had a heart attack last week, a heart cath, and a pace maker installed. Two days later he had a stroke. He is improving but asked for prayers.

  • Lowell Lamp

    Please pray for Lowell Lamp and Gayle as Lowell battles the virus these next several days.

  • Lowell Lamp

    Please pray for Lowell Lamp and Gayle as Lowell battles the virus these next several days.

  • Lowell Lamp

    Please pray for Lowell Lamp and Gayle as Lowell battles the virus these next several days.


    long time Richmond stockbroker / financial planner in Richmond who used to share financial strategies on the local news every evening had a heart attack on Tuesday march 17 and is in critical condition. Please keep he and Rosemary your prayers


    will be going into Henrico Drs Forest on Friday morning as a outpatient to have a DC Cardioversion ( which is a shock to the heart) done to correct his Afib. Dave was also just diagnosed with sleep apnea. His medical issues now includes: hypertebsion, congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, diabetes, degenerative joint disease plus a recent stroke.

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  • Mick Fischer said...

    After my right led amputation, I am now walking and will be there on Friday! I had the surgery just six weeks ago...
    Praise the LORD!!!

  • David Garrett said...

    Prayer of praise for us being able to live in such a great nation. With great privilege come great responsibility. Lift up our leaders at all levels of government.

  • Tom Chapman said...

    I would like to extend a huge thank you to all of my Man Church family for the prayers that helped me through my gallbladder surgery this weekend. What a powerful thing it is to have so many praying for you. All went well and I should be going home today. Bless you all. God is Great!

  • Herb Hentzen said...

    Last week on Nov 10th at Manchurch I asked for prayers for Elaine, a fellow John Maxwell Team member who I mentor. Elaine lives in France and has been in a difficult season in her marriage. When she came back home this past week her husband was a different person. She felt as if a miracle had happened. She thanks everyone for their prayers.

  • Geoff Chestnut said...

    I want to thank God for a phone call that I received from my middle sister, LD, a few days ago. We had not spoken in several years due to some perceived wrong that I had committed. I sent her a birthday card in late September and then she called me to wish me a happy birthday. It seems to be the first step in reconciliation and I hope that our family can begin to heal.